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The Broun / Brown Wyld Section

Brown / Wyld Section Introduction


Brown / Wyld Section Chart

Earlier Wylds Chart

Earlier Stodarts Chart

Earlier Turnbulls Chart

Earlier Kennedys Chart

Earlier Hadfields Chart

Earlier Whettalls Chart


Claud Leonard Broun

Claud Brown

John Wyld Brown

John Wyld Brown - Page 2

Robert Brown

Robert Brown - Page 2

Robert Brown - Page 2a

Robert Brown - Page 3

James Brown

Jean Cuthel / Cuthill

Duncan Mackellar - Page 1

Duncan Mackellar - Page 2

Duncan Mackellar - Page 3

Duncan Mackellar - Page 4

Duncan Mackellar - Page 5

John Mackellar

Robert Dick

Margaret Dick

Marion Stodart

Marion Janet Wyld

George Wyld

James Wyld of Gilston

James Wyld - page 2

John Wyld

Isabella Wyld

Mary Aitcheson

Mary Emily Kennedy

John Kennedy of Ayrshire

John Kennedy

Benjamin Kennedy

Robert Stodart

Robert Stodart - page 2

Alison Turnbull

Surname Histories

Wyld Surname History

Stodart Surname History


Margaret Brown

John Mackellar Brown

Isabella Wyld Brown

Thomas Brown

Unknown Brown

James Wyld Brown

Other Material

Robert Stodart Wyld Memoirs

Claud Leonard Broun writings

The Stewart Section

Stewart Maclachlan Macrae Section Introduction


Stewart Maclachlan Macrae Chart

Stewart Maclachlan Macrae Chart - Alternative Chart

Earlier Stewart Chart

Earlier Muir Chart

Earlier Lamont Chart

Earlier McConechy Chart


Isabel Frances Moncrieff Stewart

Thomas Maclachlan Stewart

Robert Buchanan Stewart

Robertson Buchanan Stewart

Robertson Buchanan Stewart - Page 2

Dr Thomas Maclachlan

Dr Thomas Maclachlan - Page 2

Captain Thomas Maclachlan

Other Material

Stewarts of Appin or Bute?

The Lang Section

Lang Section - Introduction


Lang Stirling Kennedy Young Chart

Earlier Young Chart

Earlier Kennedy Chart

Earlier Stuart Chart


Helena Mary Lang

John Lang

James Lang

Janet Stuart Kennedy

Thomas Kennedy

William Young

Captain William Young