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The following chart starts (from the right column working left) with the parents of Helena Mary Lang (John Lang and Janet Stuart Kennedy).

Some appear with numerous variants. These are shown on the chart where the variants appear in the records for an individual. Often the name will be spelt differently on birth and marriage certificates, and on the certificates for the individual's children. Standardisation of surname spelling is relatively recent.


N.B. The following list is of my ancestral surnames in this chart. There are many other surnames on this chart, but this index covers only those who are direct ancestors of mine. You can also use the Search facility in order to find other names. Please bear in mind the many possible spellings of any given name.

Hamilton, Kennedy, Lang, Menzies, Robertson, Stirling, StuartThomson, Young

The following direct ancestral surnames only appear on the "further back" charts:

McAuslane, McCorkle, McLelland, Munro or Mown (?),

Those shown in small italicised font are possible matches, based often on IGI / LDS records. Much of the original data came from a cousin, Thomas Kennedy of Auldgirth, Dumfriesshire, and some from my great aunt Mrs Walker and a cousin, Jean Facey. I also searched the Scottish Registers in the late 1970's, though not of course via the internet then! I have used this data and subsequently tried to fill in the gaps via IGI / LDS records plus extra information provided by other contributors.

I discovered that I originally had the wrong Janet Stirling - there was another Janet Stirling born around the same time, daughter of William Stirling and Jean Bankeir. Census records show clearly that this was not the Janet Stirling who was the mother of John Lang.

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LEGEND:    b: born;   c: christened;   m: married;   d: died   ---   In bold font: direct ancestors   ---   In normal font: siblings of direct ancestors and their marriages   ---   In smaller font (bold if direct ancestors): alternative surname spellings   ---   In very small font: second or other marriage; m1 for first and m2 for second marriage   ---   In small italics: uncertainty (bold if direct ancestors)
Great Great Grandparents of Helena Mary Lang and their brothers and sisters Great Grandparents of Helena Mary Lang and their brothers and sisters

Grandparents of Helena Mary Lang and their brothers and sisters Parents of Helena Mary Lang and their brothers and sisters
  James Lang
    Agnes Lang
b Sep 1791 Kilsyth
    Alexander Lang
b Feb 1796
    Alexander Lang
b Aug 1797
    John Lang
b April 1800
    Agnes Lang
b Oct 1802
    Margaret Lang
b Jul 1807
  m 15 Dec 1790 KIlsyth James Lang
b 25 Dec 1792 Kilsyth
c 30 Dec 1792 Kilsyth
d 24 May 1855
      James Lang
b Sep 1821 Kingston, Kilsyth
d 20 June 1843
      Marion Lang
b Jan 1824 Kingston, Kilsyth
  Agnes Hamilton
  Agnes Hamilton Lang
b May 1828 Oldtown, Kilsyth
      Alexander Lang
b Jan 1831 Kilsyth
d 23 March 1877
      William Lang
b Jun 1833 Kilsyth
d 8 February 1835
      William Stirling Lang
b Jul 1835 Kilsyth
d 8 May 1845
      Margaret Lang
b Apr 1838 Kilsyth
d 26 November 1856
      Robert Lang
b Nov 1840 Kilsyth
    m John Lang
b 27 Mar 1826
c 04 Apr 1826 Oldtown, Kilsyth
d 11 Apr 1906, Partick
  John Stirling    
  m Janet Stirling (illegitimate)
b circa 1800
d 14 Feb 1880 Kilsyth
  Marion Robertson
b circa 1783
d 4 Jan 1861
James Kennedy
b May 1726
    m 26 April 1855
Central District, Glasgow
children >
Alexander Kennedy of Mavie Milso or Dunerue, Kilmarnock      
  Janet Kennedy
c 22 Jul 1750, Claddoch, Cardross, Dunbarton
m William McAuslane 22 Apr 1791 Bonhill, Dunbarton
  William Kennedy
c 22 Dec 1751 Foot of Keppoch, Cardross, Dunbarton
m Helen Mcfarlane 8 Mar 1789 Bonhill, Dunbarton
  Robert Kennedy
c 24 Feb 1754, Keppoch, Cardross, Dunbarton
  Thomas Kennedy
c 30 Apr 1756, Claddoch, Cardross, Dunbarton
m Sarah Morgan Murray, Banns 16 Mar 1796, Edinburgh, m 26 Mar 1796 St. Madoes, Perth
d 16 Mar 1828 St. Madoes Parish, Perth
  James Kennedy
c 7 Aug 1760, Hole of Ardoch, Kilmaronock, Dunbarton
  Catherine (Kitty ?) Kennedy
c 4 Mar 1765 Duncrine, Kilmaronock, Dunbarton
m William Duncan 26 Apr 1792 Bonhill, Dunbarton
  John Kennedy
c 4 Jun 1771 Duncrine, Kilmaronock, Dunbarton
m 20 July 1749, Cardross, Dunbarton
< Kennedys and Menzies further back
Alexander Kennedy
b Sep 1758 probably Mavie Mill
c 24 Sep 1758 Mercy(sic) prob Mavie, Kilmaronock, Dunbarton
    John Kennedy
b ?
m Isabella Stewart
    Agnes Kennedy
b 19 Sep 1783
c 21 Sep 1783 Charlestown, Bonhill
m George Smellie 21 May 1808 Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton
d 21 Jan 1862, Anderston, Glasgow
    Catherine / Katharine Kennedy
b 27 Apr 1785
c 1 May 1785 Charlestown, Bonhill
m George Michie 28 Feb 1807 Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton
d 13 Sep 1864 Dunoon and Kilmun, Argyll
    Mary Kennedy
b 25 Feb 1787
c 26 Feb 1787 Charlestown, Bonhill
m Robert McNeil 28 Mar 1807 Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton
d 21 May 1865 Partick, Glasgow
    Jean Kennedy
b 7 Feb 1789
c 15 Feb 1789 Milnton, Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton
Katherine / Katron Menzies
c 16 May 1725 Colgrain, Cardross, Dunbarton
  Alexander Kennedy
b 6 Feb 1791
c 13 Feb 1791 Milnton, Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton
d 9 Jul 1872 Partick
6 or 7 siblings 1715-1732, two born at Claddoch (1717 and 1732) the rest at Colgrain   Ellenora Kennedy
b 23 Apr 1793
c 28 Apr 1793 Milnton, Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton
d 4 Oct 1861 Partick, Glasgow
    William Kennedy
b 11 Nov 1795
c 15 Nov 1795 Milnton, Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton
    Archibald Kennedy
b 22 Aug 1798
c 2 Sep 1798 Milnton of Colquhoun, Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton
m Jean Guy 1 Oct 1824 Cardross (Banns); 15 Oct 1824 Old Kilpatrick
d 11 Apr 1856 Dumbarton
  m 31 August 1782, Bonhill, Dunbarton Thomas Kennedy
b 14 Feb 1801
c 22 Feb 1801 Milnton, Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton
d 21 Apr 1872
  Mary Kennedy    
  Archibald Kennedy
m Agnes McIndoe 19 Aug 1787 Charleston, Bonhill Parish, Dunbarton
  Thomas Kennedy
m Mary Leckie 28 Jun 1788 Charleston, Bonhill Parish, Dunbarton
  Hugh Kennedy
m Mary Watson 27 Aug 1790 Milne, Old Kilpatrick Parish, Dunbarton
    m 6 July 1829 Glasgow Janet Stuart Kennedy
b 12 or 13 Apr 1830, Barony
d 13 Oct 1908, Partick, Glasgow
      Alexander Kennedy
b 15 Mar 1832
m Esther (Essie) Franklin Walden 21 May 1863 New York
d 5 Apr 1899, Texas, USA
      William Young Kennedy
b/c 19 Feb 1834
d 1854
      Mary Kennedy
b/c 16 Feb 1836
m Alexander Lennox 16 Nov 1869 Partick, Glasgow
d before 1881 or d 26 Feb 1922, Partick
Janet Young
b/c 7 Nov 1742 Glasgow

Mary Young
b/c 16 May 1745 Glasgow
    Thomas Kennedy
b Jan 1838 Glasgow
m Louisa Arrol 2 Jun 1863 Blythswood, Glasgow
d after 1891
William Young of Delftfield
b 11 May 1749 Glasgow
d 31 Aug 1820 Glasgow
    Christina Young Kennedy
b/c 24 Jul 1840 Glasgow
m Robert Laidlaw 9 Mar 1861 Partick, Glasgow or Kingarth, Bute
d 23 Nov 1914 Kingarth, Bute
  Helen Young
b 19 Oct 1771 Glasgow
  Jean Young Williamson Kennedy
b/c 15 Dec 1842
m James Macnee 11 Feb 1864 Partick
d 23 Jan 1917 Morningside, Edinburgh
  James Young
b Sep 1775 Glasgow

Christian Young
c 8 Jul 1777 Glasgow
m George Graham 2 Aug 1802 Glasgow
d 16 Jul 1836 Glasgow
  Agnes Young Kennedy
b/c 26 May 1845 Glasgow
  Janet Young
b 26 Jul 1779 Glasgow
d 30 Apr 1846 Partick, Lanark

Jean Young
b 17 Jul 1781 Glasgow
m John Williamson 18 Nov 1805 Glasgow
d 5 Jul 1865 Glasgow
  Archibald Kennedy
b/c 8 Sep 1847 Glasgow
m Sarah Catherine Powers 8 Mar 1878 St Giles, Edinburgh
d 9 Feb 1896 Maryhill, Glasgow
  Agnes Young
b 6 Sep 1783 Glasgow
d 26 Mar 1857 Partick, Lanark

James Young
b 1786 Glasgow
  James Young Kennedy
b/c 27 Jul 1852 Glasgow
m Anna Maria Mcleod 29 Dec 1881 Singapore
d May 1935 Hindhead, Surrey
  Cecilia Young
b 19 Apr 1790 Glasgow
m Archibald Arthur 14 Nov 1807 Glasgow
d 10 Oct 1869 Belfast

Mary Young
b 20 Nov 1793 Glasgow
m George Douglas 10 Nov 1817 Glasgow
  John Stuart Kennedy
b/c 27 Jul 1852 Glasgow
d possibly 26 Feb 1941 Gibsons Landing, British Columbia, Canada
m 10 Aug 1770 Glasgow
< Youngs and Thomsons further back
William Young
b 12 or 13 Nov 1773
c 15 Nov 1773 Glasgow
d 06 Mar 1830
  m 16 Sep 1793 Glasgow Christina McCorkle Young
b 1807 - 1809
d 31 Mar 1876 Partick, Glasgow
Janet Thomson
b circa 1755 Glasgow
d 04 Apr 1816
  William Young
b 15 Dec 1795 Glasgow
    Janet Thomson Young
b 26 Mar 1798 Glasgow
    Alexander Stuart Young
b Nov 1801 Glasgow
m Jean Anderson 19 Jun 1824 Gorbals, Glasgow
d 27 Jul 1861 Helensburgh
(Capt) Alexander Stuart of Kincardine   Helen Young
b Sep 1804 Glasgow
  Janet Stuart    




Lang Stirling Kennedy Young Chart
Helena Mary Lang
John Lang
James Lang

Janet Stuart Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy
William Young
Captain William Young

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