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The following chart shows the most recent generations starting with my father and his parents and grandparents. The sections into which the website is divided take each of his grandparents and trace them further back. (Because Claud Brown and Marion Janet Wyld were second cousins, they are grouped into one section)

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Margaret Brown
b circa 1841 / 42 London (or Australia ?)
m William Younger (of the brewing family)
d 26 Jul 1900 Edinburgh  More >
John Mackellar Brown
b circa 1844 / 45 London (or Australia ?)
m Alice Louisa Rowe, 4 May 1867, St Mathias Church, Paddington, Sydney, NSW, Australia
d 21 Aug 1910, Australia  More >
Isabella Wyld Brown
b 1846 Sydney, NSW, Australia
m Edward Donald Malcolm, 17 Jul 1867
d 3 Mar 1927  More >
Thomas Brown
b 24 Sep 1847 Sydney, NSW, Australia  
m Mary Elizabeth Laidley, 1872, NSW, Australia  More >
other male Brown
b circa 1851-1854  More >
Mary (Minnie) Brown
b circa 1852 Sydney, NSW, Australia
unmarried as of 1889
James Wyld Brown
b 26 May 1855 London
m Primrose Mariane Rosse Kennedy, Oct/Nov/Dec 1884 Kensington, London.  More >
Claud / Claude Brown
b 2 Aug 1850 Sydney, NSW, Australia
d 2 Jul 1929, Salisbury
< Browns further back (Half-siblings: Hubert Brown / Broun, Philip Audley Brown, Catherine Joyce Brown, by Georgina F S Hyde)  
m 04 Nov 1875 St Mary's, St Marylebone, London
(m2 Georgina Florence Stephens Hyde, 26 Oct 1882, Salisbury)
Claud Leonard Brown / Broun
b 31 Jul 1879 London
d 13 Sep 1961 Edinburgh
< Wylds further back    
Marion Janet Wyld
b 1853, London ?
d Aug 1879 Staines
Constance Maud Wyld
b circa 1856 London
m Jan/Feb/Mar 1894 Augustus (Gus) James Mackintosh, Kensington London
George Wyld
b circa 1859
Adelaide (Ida) Wyld
b circa 1862 London
Herbert Wyld    
Norman Wyld
b circa 1868 London
Grace Helen Wyld
b 1870 Kensington London
d circa 1959 Tunbridge Wells
    My aunt
details not displayed to protect against identity theft.
  m 02 Apr 1925 St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow
(m1 Hedwig Thewes)
My father
details not displayed to protect against identity theft.
Robertson Buchanan Moncrieff Stewart
b 02 Apr 1856, Milton, Glasgow
d 1905 Glasgow
Male (anon) Stewart
b 07 Jun 1857, Govan
Isabella Kennedy Stewart
b 16 Jun 1858 Govan
Henry Maclachlan Stewart
b 29 Oct 1860 Govan
d 23 Jun 1865, Ayrshire
William Charles Fellowes Stewart
b 24 Apr 1863, Govan
m in America
Isabella Kennedy Stewart
b 04 Sep 1864 Govan
(Father) Robert ("Bertie") Buchanan Stewart
b 20 Jul 1867 Govan
Became a Jesuit priest
Jessie Evelyn Frances Stewart
b 14 Nov 1868 Govan
Margaret Edith Stewart
b 28 Aug, 1870, Govan
Bertha Alice Stewart
b 26 Aug 1871, Rothesay
Forence Mary Stewart
b 15 Sep 1874, New Kilpatrick, Dunbarton
d 6 Jul 1951, Hillhead, Glasgow
Louise Madeleine Stewart
b 1876, New Kilpatrick
d circa 1956 Brussels
Thomas Maclachlan Stewart
b 05 Jul 1859, Govan
d 05 Aug 1933 (buried in Arran)
< Stewarts further back    
m 22 Nov 1888 Partick Isabel Frances Moncrieff Stewart
b 22 Mar 1892 Partick
d 02 Apr 1968 Edinburgh
< Langs further back Janet ("Vivienne") Stuart Kennedy Stewart
b 27 Apr 1890, Partick
m George Hamilton Beattie, 27 Dec 1915 Glasgow
d 18 Oct 1975 Glasgow
Helena Mary Lang
b 2 Oct 1863 Cadder
d 3 Nov 1959 Glasgow
Helena Constance ("Dolly") Stewart
b 1895, Partick (d young)
Christina Young Kennedy Lang
b 06 Feb 1856, Tradeston, Glasgow
(d young)

Margaret ("Meg") Jane Lang
b 17 Dec 1857, Tradeston, Glasgow
Jean ("Nat") Hester Fellowes Stewart
b 15 Dec 1898, Glasgow
m William (Billy) Pinckney Walker, circa 1928, Vancouver, Canada
d 27 Mar 1995, Glasgow
James Lang
b 30 Jun 1859, Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton

Thomas Kennedy Lang
b 17 Nov 1860 Cadder
m1 Catherine Elizabeth Binnie Sep 1888, Hampstead
m2 Martha Annie Richmond Sep 1896, Kendal
Francis Robert Buchanan Stewart
b 19 Apr 1905
m1 Evelyn Constance Cairney, 23 June 1932, Glasgow
m2 Marian Louisa Catherine Wilson, 9 Oct 1953, Glasgow
d 21 Jun 1980, Haddington
John Stuart Lang
b 15 Mar 1862 Cadder
m 5 Oct 1886 Louisa Annan (widow, christened Breckon)

Alexander ("Sandy") Lang
b 14 Apr 1865 Cadder
G. Stewart
b ?
d young ?
Jane (Jean) Kennedy Lang
b 21 Apr 1866 Cadder
m Dr Charles Samuel Facey, 27 Apr 1895
(Colonel) William Robert Lang
b 29 Jul 1870 Cadder
m Daisy Hollington





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