The Stodarts

Much of the information on this page is drawn from some notes of my grandfather and from Jan Squire's excellent family history site which provides a wealth of information about the descendants of John Stodart of Liberton. There is also information on the Internet about the Haigs of Bemersyde. See for example this brief page about the name Haig, a more detailed history here and this page showing a picture of Bemersyde House.


John Stodart
b1565 Liberton, Edinburgh
d after 1643
  John Stodart    
  Walter Stodart
miller at Cairntous Liberton
had descendents
m unknown James Stodart
b Kavock Mill, Lasswade
d 1678
unknown   Cuthbert Stodart
b 1637
    Patrick Stodart
c 17 Mar 1640
m 8 March 1666 Christian Spence, Carrington, Midlothian
   m James Stodart
b 1643/5 Loanhead
d Loanhead ?
      Mary Stodart
b 24 Jun 1695 Loanhead or Lasswade, Midlothian
c 30 Jun 1695, Lasswade
m 5 Nov 1714 John Monielaws, Lasswade
      Christian Stodart
b 17 Jan 1698 Loanhead
c 23 Jan 1698 Lasswade
m 12 Aug 1722 James Galloway, Fala Soutra, Midlothian
      Anna Stodart
b 26 Jan 1701 Lasswade
      Patrick Stodart
b 16 May 1705 Loanhead
c May 1705 Lasswade
      Elizabeth Stodart
b 1709 Loanhead
c 6 Mar 1709 Lasswade
m 28 Jul 1727 James Potter, Lasswade
      Nichola (?) Stodart
b 1710 Lasswade
c 6 Jan 1711
m 5 Dec 1731 John Borthwick, Lasswade
  Helen Howison   John Stodart
b 1715 Loanhead or Lasswade
      Robert Stodart
b 1717 Loanhead
c 1 Sep 1717 Lasswade
    m 1694 James Walston Stodart / Stoddart
b 30 Mar 1703 Dalkeith
d ? Walston
  James Johnston(e) of Loanhead    
  m Elizabeth Johnston(e)
b 1668
d 1754
      m 20 Dec 1728 Loanhead
children >
    Adam Haig of Townhead  
    m Marion Haig of Bemersyde
b 1706 Townhead





Broun / Brown Wyld Chart
Claud Leonard Broun
Claud Brown
John Wyld Brown
Robert Brown
Jean Cuthel
Duncan Mackellar
Marion Janet Wyld
George Wyld
James Wyld

John Wyld
Wyld surname
Mary Emily Kennedy
John Kennedy (snr)
Benjamin Kennedy
James Stodart
Robert Stodart
Marion Stodart
Stodart surname
Claud Leonard Broun's writings

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