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John Mackellar may have been the father of my great great great grandfather Duncan Mackellar.

As yet I do not have any information about John Mackellar. I have ascertained that there are several possible John Mackellars who could be the father of Duncan but have not yet established which. The two most likely are the John Mackellar who married Mary Mackellar in 1766 in Kilmodan, and in May 1775 in Greenock Middle (because there seems to be a strong family connection with Greenock as well). There is also a marriage of a John and Mary Mackellar in Inverary and Glenaray in 1753 (rather early) and in Lochgoilhead in 1775. There are also two marriages of people with these names in 1796 (too late).

Here is a list of children born to John and Mary Mackellar in Kilmodan between 1766 and 1800. The only other children born to a couple of that name during that period were in Glassary and South Knapdale, some distance away. I am informed by another Mackellar researcher that the marriage appears to be 01/01/1766 MacKellar, John (O.P.R. Marriages 522/0010 0126 Kilmodan). John MacKellar & his spouse Mary MacKellar in Balachnorin's Children (Extracted from the old records of the session into the New ? can't read). Not sure if spelling of Balachnorin's correct - hard to decipher. Now going by the naming pattern possibly John's father's name is Ellar - which there were a few with that name. The dates shown are christening dates:

  1. 16/01/1767 Ellar Mackellar
  2. 24/01/1769 Donald Mckellar
  3. 10/03/1771 Archibald Mackellar
  4. 30/07/1773 Alexander Mackellar
  5. 23/07/1775 John Mckellar
  6. 07/01/1778 Peter Mackellar
  7. 07/01/1778 Patrick Mckellar (may not belong to above couple)
  8. 27/01/1781 Catherine Mackellar
  9. 19/05/1783 Mary Mckellar
  10. 18 or 28/03/1785 John Mackellar
  11. 23/01/1789 Duncan Mackellar





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